Big Brother The Chase Update: Elikem, Feza and Oneal top nominations for eviction

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elikemMonday morning’s nomination saw Elikem, Feza and Oneal topping with 4, 5,4 nods respectively. Cleo and Dilish both had 2 votes each.  Earlier, Elikem won the head of house face off with Oneal meaning he would have the chance to save  and replace himself  in the evening nomination show. here is how the housemates voted

Beverly – Oneal Feza

Angelo – Elikem Feza

Elikem – Oneal Feza

Cleo –  Feza Elikem

Melvin – Elikem Oneal

Feza – Cleo Dilish

Bimp – Melvin, Elikem

Dilish – Oneal Feza

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